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Intensieve taaltrainingen

Dutch courses for non-natives and preparation for "staatexamens 1 and 2 and "inburgeling".

For "staatexamens 1 and 2" see below this page

Whether you are interested in learning the basics or in perfecting your written or spoken Dutch language, Altha Lingua Taaltrainingen can provide you with a tailored language course.
Our courses are offered at our language institute (which is only 20 minutes from Amsterdam, with no traffic jams and lots of parking spaces) or in-company.
We can give you the tools to significantly improve your business communication (spoken or written). Whatever form you would like your language training to take, we can advise you on the best plan of action to suit your situation, aiming at optimizing your contacts in your international  business.
Concerned about respecting your own rhythm, we offer you Dutch courses with various levels of intensity : Flex (some hours per day, 1 or several times a week), Semi-Intensive (some full days a week) or Intensive (language immersion during the whole week)
For FLEX and SEMI-INTENSIVE courses, please call our institute Tel: 0299-690508.
WE can offer you Dutch courses, individual or group.

But if you want to gain in efficiency and to train quickly in Dutch (or another language), the intensive individual courses represent the most appropriate solution !



Intensive language courses are available for :
Dutch as well as French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Swedish and Chinese
Customized Programs :
business fields and industries, e.g. commercial, administrative, secretarial, financial economics, technology, transportation and logistics, human resources, building trade, hotel, restaurant and tourism, telecommunications, advertising, communication and the media, ICT, health care, welfare and the car industry.
Duration : 1 or 2 weeks  (the hotel stay is optional)
Courses are given all the year round. We would advise you to book in plenty oftime.
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano ! We offer – for free- you the possibility to combine a language training with sport practicing (fitness + sauna) for all the courses as mentioned below.

Intensive course BASIC

Who is it for? : We advise this training to the very beginners.
Goals : A quick acquisition of the basics of your new  language.
Duration: 37 hours of course work including 19 or 22 hours (lunch is optional ) with your tutor. Constant and individual supervision during the hours dedicated to the multimedia.
Rate :  € 1. 885,--

Intensive course PLUS

Who is it for?: From starter level to advanced level
Goals: To improve the foreign language even faster through a higher pace of learning.
Duration: 37 hours of course work including  24 or 27 hours (lunch is optional) with your tutor. Constant and individual supervision during the hours dedicated to the multimedia.
Rate : € 2. 098,--

Intensive course MAX

Who is it for? : For those who would have a basic grounding in Dutch (or another language) and who like to master this language as quick as possible.
Goals: High-speed learning progress through a complete immersion in your new language.
Duration: 37 hours of course work including 29 or 32 hours (lunch is optional) with your tutor. Constant and individual supervision during the hours dedicated to the multimedia.
Rate :  € 2. 298,--

Training courses Plus or Max : the courses can also be extended during the week end.
With a training day on Saturday. You can also choose for a combination week-weekend or the other way around. We offer you all the possibilities.

Intensive course GROUP

Who is it for? : For all the employees of similar levels from the same company, who want to learn Dutch (or another language) rather in group with however an individualized supervision .
Goals : Those-at your discretion- from the training’s programs Plus or Max intensive training tailored to the group (see above for description).
Duration : One week-intensive training formation. ((the hotel stay is optional).
Rate : A very economical training !! (Starting from the 2nd attendee: 25% of the rate per person).   Info via our institute.

Intensive course RESOURCEMENT

UNIQUE in the Netherlands ! Based on the Intensive Course Max, we propose you, in addition, to learn about relaxation and meditation’s methods. As a result, an easier language learning process and an increasing potential of your performance at work. To recommend!
Info via our institute. (Tel : 0299-690508)

For others courses (semi-intensive and flex) or further information, click here Language Training

All prices are excluded VAT


STAATSEXAMENS NT2 – Staatsexamen I & II

(see Englih version below)


Algemene informatie:

Er zijn 2 programma’s: Staatsexamen I (ERK niveau B1) is vereist voor toelating tot het MBO. Met het Staatsexamen II diploma (ERK niveau B2) kunt u naar het HBO of de Universiteit. Al naar gelang uw onderwijsachtergrond kiest u voor één van deze programma’s.

U doet examen in de onderdelen lezen, schrijven, spreken en luisteren. Vaak hebben kandidaten al een paar onderdelen behaald, maar blijkt het moeilijk om bijvoorbeeld voor spreken en/of schrijven te slagen. Dan is een training op maat noodzakelijk om uiteindelijk in het bezit te komen van het felbegeerde diploma.

Voor elk geslaagd onderdeel krijgt men een certificaat. Zijn alle vier de onderdelen behaald dan kan het diploma worden aangevraagd. U moet zichzelf opgeven via de website van het DUO. U moet zich 6 weken van te voren opgeven, dus als u eind juli examen wilt doen, moet u zich begin juni aanmelden. U kunt zich het hele jaar door aanmelden. De examens kosten €45,- per onderdeel, dus €180,- in totaal. Zowel de aanmelding als de betaling dient u zelf te regelen. Op de website van het College voor Toetsen en Examens vindt u de examenlocaties.


Staatsexamentraining bij Altha Lingua:

De training wordt gegeven door een gecertificeerd docent NT2, die tevens beoordelaar Staatsexamens is. Zij is uitstekend op de hoogte van de eisen waaraan een kandidaat moet voldoen. Bij elke training wordt er gewerkt aan uitbreiding van de woordenschat en geoefend met synoniemen. Voor schrijven is vooral spelling en grammatica van belang en bij spreken uitspraak, grammatica en tempo. Er wordt gewerkt met materiaal uit verschillende boeken die voorbereiden op het Staatsexamen en er zijn oefenexamens beschikbaar.


Staatsexamens en inburgering.

Kandidaten die inburgeringsplichtig zijn, krijgen vrijstelling voor het inburgeringsexamen indien ze geslaagd zijn voor het Staatsexamen. Kandidaten die na 1 januari 2015 in Nederland zijn gekomen, moeten ook een toets KNM afleggen (Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij).


                Information about Staatsexamen NT2 – Staatsexamen I and II


General information:

There are 2 different levels available: Staatsexamen I (ERK level B1) required for admittance to an MBO course, and Staatsexamen II (ERK level B2) diploma that permits entry to University or a HBO course. Depending on your previous education you can either opt for Staatsexamen I or II.

Reading, listening, writing and speaking are all part of the exam. It’s quite common that candidates do not pass all 4 parts in one go. Many people find the writing and/or speaking part(s) particularly difficult. A custom made training course is, therefore, necessary in order to obtain the coveted diploma.

For every part of the exam you pass, you will receive a certificate. If you pass all the parts then you will receive a diploma. You have to register for the exam on the DUO website. You need to register 6 weeks in advance e.g. in order to do the exam at the end of July, you have to register at the beginning of June. You can apply throughout the year. The exam fee is € 180 in total, €45 for each part. You need to arrange both registration and payment yourself. You will find the exam locations on the website (College voor Toetsen en Examens).


Staatsexamentraining at Altha Lingua

The training course will be given by a qualified NT2 teacher who is also a Staatsexamens assessor. She knows exactly what is required in order to pass the exam. In every lesson particular attention will be paid to expanding the general vocabulary and use of synonyms. Spelling and grammar will be of particular importance for improving writing skills, while pronunciation, grammar and fluency for developing speaking skills. Past exams papers will be available as well as exercises from various books. We will ensure you are well prepared for the exam.


Staatsexamen and Inburgering

Candidates obliged to do the Inburgering exam will be exempt if they pass the Staatsexamen. Candidates who arrived in the Netherlands after the 1st of January 2015 also have to do a KNM test. (Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij; Knowledge of the Dutch Society.)

Information course fee --> Altha Lingua taaltrainingen : 0299-690508




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