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Taaltest, niveau bepaling van uw taalbeheersing








Taalbeheersing – objectief getest

English --> see below

Wilt u uw eigen taalniveau of dat van uw medewerker officieel laten testen?
Voor een test Frans, Engels, Duits, Italiaans, Spaans, Nederlands of een andere taal, neem dan contact op en laat een test afnemen door één van onze ervaren docenten.

U ontvangt een verslag met de niveau-inschaling conform de richtlijnen van het Europese referentiekader.
Wilt u meer informatie, bel dan gerust met ons kantoor op 0299-690508.

Voor verschillende doeleinden en doelgroepen kunnen wij uw taalniveau nauwkeurig vaststellen.


Language assessment - objective testing

Knowing a language means many different things which can be assessed in many different ways. If you already know some of the language you want to learn, you will want to find out what your level is or that of your (potential) employees.

If you are looking for new employees for a new job or position, you would like to be sure that their language knowledge is sufficient enough to do the job. This is where a language test can tell you what you know, or what somebody else knows and can do. It can confirm your knowledge about the language itself or it can assess your ability to communicate in that language in authentic or non-authentic situations. Our language tests are divided into four skills:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

These skills can be tested together or separately.

Levels are categorized in accordance with the Common European Framework: the European reference for language, learning, teaching and assessment, from the level A1 (false beginner) to C2 (native speaker).

Altha Lingua is also officially recognized as a TCF institute.
The Test du connaissance du Fran├žais is recognized and approved by the French Ministry of National Education and is a reliable assessment of a candidate's knowledge of French.

For more information, please contact us 0299-690508

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